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  • The Thrill Seeker

    For people who value stimulation and excitement

  • The Political Junky

    For People who love politics

  • The Traditionalist

    For people who have traditional values

  • The Activist

    For people who value equality and social justice

  • The Libertarian

    For people who value their freedom above both altruism and tradition

  • The Outside Perspective

    For People who want a non-western perspective

  • The Innovator

    For people who want to explore what is next

  • The Empath

    For People who see the world through emotions, intuitions, and human interest stories

  • The Soldier

    For people who value security, law, and order

  • The Analyst

    For People who see the world through numbers, intellect, and logic

  • The Achiever

    For People who value hard work and success